The Benefits of Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is something that I couldn’t do with both of my children. I just couldn’t produce any milk. It bothered me because I really wanted my kids to build that close bond and benefit from the human nutrients that their body needed. I also, wanted my stomach to go back to its normal size!

Children who aren’t breastfed risk being exposed to different illness and diseases. Asthma, type 2 diabetes, and childhood obesity are a few.  The breast milk protects against various infections such as upper respiratory infections.  CHildren that are breastfed are said to be smarter, they score higher IQ scores.

Breastfeeding in China is not promoted as much as the formula. THere are breastfeeding classes, but the doctors and the formula companies hand out formula at prenatal visits. The doctors and hospital staff receive perks for promoting the different formulas. In China, their breastfed babies are said to have low iron levels, and calcium deficient. This is when the doctor will tell them to stop breastfeeding. It seems that it is just easier to formula feed in China because it is less of a headache from the professionals that are supposed to support and help you.

I still think that breastfeeding is a healthier choice of milk for the babies. I don’t think that it dictates the health issues a child may have and I don’t think it predicts how smart a child will be. I will continue to do more research on breastfeeding, but all children are smart in their own ways and an IQ test does not determine their smarts.


  1. myearlychildhoodworld · November 12, 2017

    Very well written article! I too desired to breastfeed my baby. For certain reasons It was not carried out. So, we do the next best thing as parents and decide what is going to be beneficial for their healthy development. We used Infamil formula for the first year and my daughter thrived just the same. The formulas are filled with wonderful nutrients for the thriving baby. It was intended to be made with the perfect nutrients for a healthy immune system and proper brain development.
    I do believe that breast milk is the healthier alternative since it’s filled with all natural nutrients. However, every child develops and grows whether they are breastfed or given formula. I do believe that later on in their school years, the prime tools that are needed for a child to perform well academically and develop in a healthy way are the consistent nurturing care of the family at home and in the community. Being breastfed will not determine a young child’s future.


  2. Latwana Rivers · November 12, 2017

    Its surprising to hear that doctors do not encourage mothers to breastfeed in China, I also am surprise that women that do breast feed in China their babies are prone to have low iron levels and calcium deficiency. Do you think it’s because of the health of the mother, or maybe what she eats, or even her environment that causes these problems to breastfed babies there? I can’t understand how its so beneficial to breastfeed babies in the US, but not in China. Thanks for this information it’s mind boggling and interesting at the same time.


  3. lonnic · November 13, 2017

    I agree with others. I find it shocking as well because breastfeeding is encouraged throughout the pregnancy up until giving birth. They have nurses to come and teach latching and asking that the mother consider it an option before strictly saying no. Perhaps it could be because of the risk and medical conditions. Thanks for sharing and it makes me research more about breastfeeding in China.


  4. theearlyeducationdepot · November 13, 2017

    I am so sorry you were not able to breastfeed your little ones. My sister struggled and was never able to produce milk either, but there are hundreds of ways to bond with your baby and I am sure your little ones will be some of the smartest around for it.

    As for what is going on in China, they are doing the same in Peru. According to the World Health Organization, formula is being donated and markets like crazy. Those that can afford to have their children in health care facilities, are even given sample formulas to take home and try! (WHO, 2013) I have the article on my blog, you should check it out.

    On a good note however, WHO and UNICEF are working diligently to spread the word on the benefits of breastfeeding and trying to promote it world wide.


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